Your surgeries will no longer be delayed because of the psych evaluation.
Whether your practice performs 5, 25 or more surgeries per month, we can quickly complete the psych evaluations to keep your schedule flowing.

We build relationships with surgeons so we can give their patients priority and conduct the evaluation as soon as possible, preferably within a week or two of the patient selecting a surgeon.

Although our goal is to finish within 48 hours, we will send the completed evaluation to you and your patient within 1 week of the evaluation. For special situations, we will gladly give you priority.

We can customize any part of the process to fit the needs of your practice including the actual evaluation, forms, billing or marketing materials.

Medical Doctor
Each evaluation will be performed by a Board-Certified Psychiatrist.

We perform all evaluations via online video. Available to residents of Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia.

We take patient privacy and HIPAA compliance very seriously. Our scheduling, forms, video and patient email are HIPAA compliant.

We are a private pay practice and do not accept insurance. All appointments are prepaid via credit card.

Patients pay via credit card at the time of scheduling. If you would rather we bill your practice, we will be glad to work out the details.

The total cost to the patient for the Bariatric Psych Evaluation is $299.